Genesis 9:12-17 God's Rainbow

Meet Kwami & Kids


Kwami Jenkins is a wise, God-fearing ten-year-old boy. His biblical maturity is far beyond his age. He is able to share his understanding of the Christian principles in the scriptures with his friends as they have questions and face challenges.


Toogie Watkins is a redheaded, freckle-faced ten-year-old. Her widowed father is raising her. Toogie feels that she should have more freedom to make her own choices. However, she accepts Kwami’s advice to be obedient to her father and to be respectful of his instructions.


Sam E. Wakefield is an eight-year-old boy with a head full of curly hair, and he suddenly discovers that he is growing taller. Sam E. considers Kwami his best friend and hangs out with Kwami often because of his friendship and support.


Hannah Lewis is a five-year-old girl, and she wants to grow up quickly and be as knowledgeable as her teenage twin sisters. She loves to wear beads in her braids, and she loves to sing with Kwami.


Carlos Juan (CJ) Rodriquez is an energetic, ten-year-old athlete; however, his family is more important to him than soccer. Kwami helps C. J. get through a very difficult time with his parents.


Lexi Chang is a delightful six-year-old girl. She loves to play with her dolls and listen to Kwami explain the love of Jesus.