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Wanda Jenkins-Clemons is an author, wife, mother, grandmother, godmother, daughter, sibling, aunt, cousin, friend, and—last but not least—a God-fearing follower of Christ. Her grandmother Eunice Humes-Clemons planted the love of Jesus in her heart at an early age. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and was blessed to be part of a large extended family consisting of the: Clemons, Jenkins, Hall, Minor, Wakefield and Austin families. However, her family embraced everyone who lived on the block of 4600 Winthrop Avenue in Chicago. 

To this day, a family reunion is held with many of the Winthrop Avenue families that were forced to live on this one block from 1911 to the early 1960s, when housing laws dismantled segregation. Her husband’s family—which consisted of the: Banks, McGee, Jones, Lofton, and Lewis families—also embraced Wanda. Family is something to be thankful for. Because of the numerous branches that extend from her tree, Wanda has said, “I can never run out of family, and I am so thankful for my bountifulness.”

Wanda Jenkins_Clemons

She was blessed to have been taught God’s holy word from various churches and pastors over the years in Chicago, Illinois: First Church of Deliverance and Pastor Clarence Cobbs; Community Lutheran Church and Pastor Joseph O. Valtinson; Bethel Lutheran Church, Pastor David Nelson, Pastor Maxine Washington, Dr. Wyvetta Bullock, and Pastor Albert Starr; Living Word Christian Center, Dr. Bill Winston, and Dr. Veronica Winston; and the Living Praise Christian Center in North Hollywood, California & Palmdale, California, Dr. Fred Hodge, and Pastor Linda Hodge.

Her professional life took her on a journey of providing social services to children, single mothers, families, and the elderly. Although she loved providing thirty-five years of social work and administrative work to various age groups, working with the elderly captured her heart. Her love for children was evident in the relationships she developed not only with her own children but also with the children of her family members, friends, and neighbors. So it is no surprise that the Holy Spirit directed her to write her first book about children.

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